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I saw “Under the Silverlake” on October 13, 2018.

I write spoilers and impressions.


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When I saw a “tulip fever” the other day, I saw a preview of “Under the Silverlake” …

Andrew Garfield who played Amazing Spider-Man was in the preview !


The real bubble that happened in the Netherlands in the 1600s has become a movie! The tragedy is repeated over time. Introduce the movie contents.


Preview starting from Mario’s game screen …

A beautiful woman in a bathing suit …

I could not imagine what kind of movie it was, and I came to the movie theater without thinking.

What is the content···

I write posts of my impressions / reviews including spoilers!




The earth is being targeted! 
What did you say abruptly?


Do you like conspiracy theory?


Conspiracy theory is that the nation and the mass communication do event manipulation so that the public does not touch the truth?


Oh yeah. The theme of this movie is exactly the conspiracy.


If you like conspiracy theory and mystery, you think that you will like this movie.


I am not interested in the conspiracy theory, but I’m interested in the beautiful woman who appeared in the notice.


…….Let’s see the contents.






Encounter with beautiful woman

Silverlake is the town in Los Angeles, California.

Sam (Andrew Garfield) is the one who lives in that town.




Sam lived with the money given from her parents. The visitor was only Sam’s lover.



That way, he knew that Sarah lives in the neighborhood.

Sam talked about Sarah’s dog and succeeded in approaching Sarah.

Sam who made a kiss with Sarah and promised to meet tomorrow.


The Love that changes his life started … ー Sam thought.



The next day, what Sam saw … It was Sarah ‘s house where the inside of the room became empty.

Sarah has disappeared.

What was left in the room … only “sign drawn on the wall” and “dolls and Sarah’s picture within box” only.



Sam decided to follow Sarah’s trace based on the remaining clues.




This movie is not only for ladies but also many sexy scenes from Andrew Garfield.


I want to hear about the sexy scenes of ladies.


The sexy scenes of Andrew Garfield !!!!


Listen to me..


No.3 !! Andrew Garfield’s Ass scene!! Andrew ‘s butt appears many times in the movie!


No.2!Andrew ‘s masturbation scene! Andrew masturbates while watching erotic books on the bed!


………That’s great.


And No. 1 of the recommendation scene!
The scene that Andrew drives in his car with “dick” drawn! !
What’s that…
Children has painted “dick” picture on Andrew ‘s car! However, Andrew drives the car without erasing the picture!
The picture of “Dick” makes me imagine “Andrew ‘s “Dick””.
It’s not sexy.



The picture below is a Garfield that drives a car. What a sexy look.




Is this town dominated by cryptography?

In addition to the missing of the beautiful woman, there was another incident around Sam.

It was that many dogs of the inhabitants were killed.



Sam coincidentally finds one doujinshi at a bookstore. Doujinshi was written about the topic “dog killer”.

Interested Sam went to see the author, Patrick.




Patrick heard a story from Sam. Patrick replied that the sign left in Sarah’s room means “Keep quiet.” That cipher seems to be used by hippies.


※Hippie(by Wikipedia)

A hippie (sometimes spelled hippy) is a member of the counterculture of the 1960s, originally a youth movement that began in the United States during the mid-1960s and spread to other countries around the world.






Patrick told Sam that “the world is full of cryptography”.

It is said that “cryptography” is being transmitted where public people do not notice, such as famous songs and urban legends.

Patrick told hotly that something is going on in the world, including the incident that Sarah disappeared.



Sam pursues Sarah’s traces.

While chasing traces, he glimpse the world of “wealthy people” many times.



Who are “wealthy people” who continue to transmit “encryption”?

How does connection with Sarah’s disappearance?



“Dog killing” and “A woman wearing an owl mask” approaches Sam.

What is their purpose?

Sam is frightened by terror, but Sam never stops chasing the truth.



Very scary …
It is a bit of a fear that cryptography is overflowing in everyday life, and some people exchanging ciphers
If a person who should not know the existence of encryption approaches the truth, someone will try to delete that existence.
That’s right. And the mystery will further deepen



To further deep …

One news program settled the Sarah disappearance abruptly.

The content of the TV program was to report the accidental death of a local celebrity who disappeared.

Sam was convinced that the straw hat reflected in the press is of Sarah. Not only the celebrity but also three females turned out to be killed in accident.

Sam knew about Sarah’s death, but he did not stop chasing the truth.


Sam decided to meet the local celebrity daughter Millicent to get some hints.


a celebrity’s daughter : Millicent


Sam speaks to Millicent about the incident.

Millicent believed Sam’s story without doubt.

Because Millicent was also the target.

Millicent says that even now, Millicent is being chased.

To escape the pursuers, Sarah and Sam swim in the lake and talk.

In the lake, Millicent hands a bracelet which is a memento of her father to Sam.

It seems that pursuers are aiming for a bracelet.



Sam received a bracelet safely, but was sniperized by a pursuer.

In the rain of bullets, Millicent who was shotted unexpectedly died in the lake.


When Sam looked at the bracelet, it was dug out there as “NPM 1 No.35 to No.37 H4 ⇒ G3”.

And like Millennent, writer Patrick died a mysterious death at home.


I thought it was a rumor story, but was it a real story?
Yes. Until now I did not understand the purpose of pursuers, but the pursuer turned out that I wanted Sam not to reach the truth.
In addition, this movie has beautiful images, especially the scenes where blue and red are reflected.
The scene where Millicent’s death in the lake is very frightening. However, the scene where blue (water) becomes red (blood) was very impressive.
It seems to praise the image beauty, but it sounds as if it has a dangerous idea.


I only have a faint memory about “H4 ⇒ G3” …sorry.. 

※I will talk about why some of the ciphers are appropriate. . I’m sorry.


Sam wanted to reveal the truth of Sarah’s death. And he again found the “key”.

It is a famous pop culture song.

However, Sam takes advantage of his imagination and abundant knowledge and reaches the “message(code)” in the lyrics.



The cipher hidden in the lyric was meant to wait at the place after stroking the head of the statue.



A man came to meet Sam.

The man said “I am a king of homeless.”

“Homeless King” blinds Sam and takes him to the cave.

Sam arrived at the cave.

Remove the blindfold and go inside the cave, there was a modern living space there.

It’s like a shelter …

But Sam, who could not get clues in a space without a dweller, leaves that place.


The king of homeless …lol
Until then, the scene with a sense of urgency continued, so it was impactful that the old man wearing the corrugated cardboard came abruptly.
Well, I care about the mysterious living space.
Yeah. If no one lives, I also feel like the homeless king can live there.
From the homeless king promoted…lol



Who made the cipher?

Sam met with the singer (Jesus) who was the key of cryptography, threatening and trying to reveal the truth. But Jesus says he only sang a song that was offered.

Sam’s suspicion was directed to a songwriter who provided songs.

Sam encounters lyricists and urges to teach the truth.

The lyricist said that all pop culture songs that he has produced contain ciphers.




“Whose order are you issuing cryptography to the world?”

Sam asked the lyricist. However, the battle started with lyricists · · · Sam kills lyricists with his own hands.


Sam’s position has changed a lot …
And this songwriter is just a mediator that created cipher, you think that there is another masterpiece?
Deep and deep … we are going to get into that mystery.







The truth~ Nintendo is Great!!

Sam tried to solve the mystery of the cipher “NPM 1 No 35 to No 37” dug in a bracelet gave from Millicent.

Sam looked around in his room found “Nintendo Power Magazine”.




Sam noticed that “NPM 1 No 35 to No 37” means pages 35 to 37 of the first issue of Nintendo Power Magazine.

A map of the game was posted on pages 35 to 37.

Since maps were divided at even intervals, numbers are assigned to the vertical axis and alphabets are assigned to the horizontal axis. And Sam attached a circle to “H4” and “G3” and tied them with arrows.


He could not understand anything.

Sam looked for any other clues and found a box of cornflakes.

As a bonus in the box, there was a map of Silverlake. He combined the map with “Nintendo Power Magazine” …



A message appeared instructing from Silverlake (H4) to go to Hollywood (G3).


Sam wandering in the forest of Hollywood.

So Sam found a rock with “///” written.

According to the cryptanalysis brochure given by Patrick in the past, it seems to mean “this place is not a safe place.”

There is a mystery answer of Sarah disappearanced in this place – Sam keeps on walking because he was convinced.


Sam finds a man and three women who live in a hovel.

They wore themselves in a white clothes and seemed to be gently waiting for time to pass.


The man said shelter Sam found is a graveyard of wealthy guys. And they say they have a purification ceremony before entering the cemetery.


The wealthy people enter the cemetery with the attendants(three women) and spend the rest of their lives …

For Sam, that was an unexpected answer.


Sam shows the picture of Sara to man.

According to a man’s story, Sarah is already in one of the graveyards …

As a attendant of the celebrity who should have died.


Sam who knew that a videophone could be placed in the cemetery asked the man and was allowed to make a TV call.

Sam calls Sarah.

Sam met Sarah through a TV phone.

Sam was impressed.


Sarah “Why are you so serious to find a person(Sarah) who has met only once?”

Sarah talks about her doubt, but her heart is shaken by the fact that Sam came to see me.


Sam and Sarah’s phone was mainly trivial content.

When Sam talks about his sense of loss, Sarah advised Sam to keep a dog.


Sarah entered the graveyard as a attendant of the celebrity. .

Sarah asked Sam with tears in her eyes.

“Was my choice wrong?”

Sam has no answer.

Sarah gently laughed and gently placed the receiver.


Suspense horror, mystery… and elements of a love story touched my heart.
There is no dramatic solution for escaping from the cemetery, and the reality that it is only possible to talk on the phone is painful..





In the space between dream and reality

Well….I’m afraid I owe you an apology.
What’s ?
I love this movie very much, but probably I almost do not understand its contents.
lol What’s mean ?


I could not understand how far the story is reality and how far it is fiction.
“Fiction” ….That is Sam’s delusion ..lol
What’s !!!??? Really??
Perhaps everything may be real, perhaps “human beings who are manipulating the world with cryptography” and “Sarah” do not even exist …
I feel that the story will progress with delusions based on what Sam himself saw and heard …
Perhaps it is only the people who saw the movie can understand.
At least, I do not understand even if you listen to your story.


Is “Dog killing” Sam’s delusion?
It may be, and it may not be. It may be the fact that Sam saw a sign that “Watch out for dog killer”. Other content may be Sam’s delusion.


Well … I wonder … Why is there a possibility of “delusions” ?
That’s right … the first thing I noticed was skunk pee.
Piss of skunk?
Yes. Because of the skunk’s pee, Sam gets stinky.


However, everyone who meets Sam is not “smelly” and some people do not respond to the smell … … so people who do not feel a smell may be a product of Sam’s delusion.
I see. The evidence like “Nintendo Power Magazine” would support the delusion.
It may be so.


By the way, there is a scene that the king of homeless asked Sam “Are you “dog killer” ?”



Wow! The king of homeless lol !! You have a picture of the homeless.. lol
Sam denied against homeless’s question
So the topic about “dog killer” is over and I was left wrapped in mystery
I’m interested in that.


When I review the preview video, Sara also wears a bracelet.

It looks the same as a bracelet that Sam used to solve a mystery.
Everything may be a delusion that began because Sam saw Sarah’s bracelet. Or… Sarah is also Sam’s delusion?


I ‘m also a product of a delusion. lol
Wow… you, too?…Actually I am also …


The end



I thought that the work closest to this movie was “Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (Game / Anime / Manga)”. If you like “Higurashi no Naku Koro ni”, I think that you should watch the movie.

※ I’m sorry if you don’t know “Higurashi no Naku Koro ni”.