Great!! Rail transport in Japan!! (Murder on the Orient Express)


I went to Nagoya station on the night of July 28, 2018. … Despite the typhoon No.12 coming.

I thought of anything, a tragedy awaited me on my way to Nagoya by Shinkansen.

From 21 o’clock the same day, JR Tokai became completely canceled!

Even if I arrive at Nagoya, I will not be able to change trains (except some routes such as subway).


I examined a hotel in Nagoya, but the charge was over 10,000 yen. I asked a friend of Nagoya to stay over.




Ray from Kawasaki “Please help me”





Ray in Nagoya “OK”





Ray from Kawasaki (I am glad that Ray in Nagoya immediately said OK)




While doing such interaction, the bullet train arrived in Nagoya.

When I arrive in Nagoya…

JR(Japanese Railway) Tokai “We will prepare accommodation trains at Nagoya Station.”

Great, JR.
JR of the world.


JR helped people(Including me, stupid who came to Nagoya without thinking about the future) who were in trouble without accommodation!





Ray from Kanagawa “Because I can stay on a train, you’re not useful anymore.”




Ray in Nagoya “You made me wait awfully. Fxxk you”





Ray from Kanagawa”Bye bye”




I headed for a train (Wideview Shinano) to stay!

Four pairs of male and female vehicles and two female exclusive vehicles were opened.









Blanket lending service. .

Amazing, it’s too amazing, JR Tokai.

This service loliters users lol


People who sleep on train, people who play with smartphone, people who rest at the home of the station · · ·

While everyone was free, I remembered the “Orient Express Murder Case” that was released last year.


“Orient express murder case”

The murder incident in the train.
All the passengers were suspected


The victim is Johnny Depp lol

In the Japanese version, Johnny Depp‘s voice is the voice of Sanji (character of One piece), so I noticed Johnny Depp ・・・lol

A movie is a classic mystery novel, but still feels fresh!



Something happens at such a stormy night – ー ー

… Nothing happened, I ate sweets that I bought at a vending machine in the home of the station.

There is a vending machine of sweets at the Japanese station, which is convenient. lol



I wrote my impression about “Orient Express murder case”. Next time write “Mission Impossible” impressions!