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I watched “My Hero Academia the movie ~two heroes~”


Since the date has passed since the release date, we could not obtain the book of benefits.

If I can not get a book, manager of theater should write on the web site.  If it was written so on the site, I did not watch the movie lol



Main part.

80% people of the world ‘s total population are born with some “individuality (hero ability)”.

Allmight (the leading person of hero) who was active in the United States spun a friendship with Mr. Namase of the inventor and there was a past that went to Japan.


Allmight’s friend , Mr.Namase

* It is not a character of a movie, it is a portrait of a voice actor (Mr. Namase).


The time has passed and the present age.

Allmight and Midoriya were invited to ”I·island” to Melissa (the actress name is Mirai Shida) daughter of Mr.Namase. Midoriya heads to “I·island” as accompanying allmight.


* Artificial island overseas : I・island


It was Melissa who invited them.

WOW!So cute!!Kawaii !!


*The fate of human with no “personality”

The voice actor is Mirai Shida of the Japanese actress.

Wow! So cute!

Her performance was very good!



Midoriya enjoied the life of the island with his classmates in Midoriya who came to “I·Island” by another route.

However, the figure of Villan (enemy) is there! !

Villain:Rikiya Koyama(”24″‘s Japanese voice actor)



“I・island” occupied by Villan.

The heroes including allmight and the like have stopped their power.

Midoriya, Melissa and other Midoriya’s classmates confronted villans.

While fighting villan, the fact of the shock was appeared.

… Mr. Nanase was the beginning of this incident! !


Mr. Namase who lamented the deterioration of Allmite developed the activation device of personality (hero’s strength) in the past. However, it was regarded as dangerous and was forced to withdraw from development.

With the power of villan, Mr. Namase repels villan with the power of personality activation device. It was Mr. Namase who painted the scenario … …. However, betrayed by villan, he become hostage.



Allmight and Midoriya confront Villan.

Allmight used the last force and Midoriya used gantlet developed by Melissa.

They punched all at once !



Peace was restored to “I·Island”.

Midoriya pledges to grow as a hero, and Melissa(Mirai Shida) pledges to struggle to overcome his respected father.

Their stories will start from now.



It was one of the most interesting in the jump animation movies !
There are flashy action, painful reversal story in the movie !

Mirai Shida is good at acting and cute voice, so fans are a must-see! lol

In addition,


ーーーWe often do not notice hope before our eyesーーー

Mr. Namase’s quote were impressive.

I do not want to lose sight of important things!





Very Sexy.




Cute. But I forgot her name… lol


Well, let’s meet again on this blog !

See you again !