The beginning of the movie.

During the mission “to defend the nuclear bomb”, Ethan (Tom Cruise) colleagues are targeted.

Ethan chose “Protecting his member” and abandoned the mission.


A nuclear bomb that has gone out into the world.

The CIA involved, the recapture of nuclear bombs will begin.


Ethan which reached the continental hinterland at the end of nuclear bomb recapture. He met a divorced wife there.

Ethan’s ex-wife who belongs to a doctor group and works.

Ethan divorced so that the ex-wife is not involved in danger.

Even if you divorce the relationship between two people who care for each other is beautiful!


Ethan’s ex-wife, in cooperation with the old man who was caught at the beginning, to dismantle the bomb!


The old man who bet his own life for honor recovery

In any case, it is good that the ex-wife who is an ordinary person places life and helps Ethan’s mission. . .

In order to protect the whole world from nuclear bombs,


CIA(The man who hold the detonator)


The old man who hold a tablet by the upside-downHeroine
Enemy(lol)& Bomb


The old manEthan’s ex-wife

Ethan’s team fought in one!

Ethan fights to break the detonator! !

Secretly ride to the helicopter!
Chasing helicopters! !
Special suicide attack to helicopter! ! ! ! ! !

Overwhelming aerial battle will be unfolded! !

From left….
Ethan who stolen a helicopter, Ethan who manipulating a helicopter, Ethan who has only face.


As a result of a fierce battle, Ethan succeeds in releasing the detonator.

The members of the team believed in Ethan and fought over.

After the members gathered, the story will be ended.



The old man who hold a tablet by the upside-down“The battle was awful. “
Ethan“It’s always. “
Ethan“Do not make me laugh.”

An injured Ethan laughed hard and the movie ended.

The tension of the movie is wonderful.

Just watching the beginning and the climax scene, I can enjoy the movie. I definitely want to see it from the first work, and I want to enjoy the next(the 7th) work on a big screen. .


Tom is talking anything!


I understood !
Tom!  lol