I watched Mission:Impossible / Fallout on the release day!


The reason is a passive reason that “My hero academy” on the same day was sold out except for “the late show” … lol


“My Hero Accademia” ticket was sold out at a certain movie theater in Nagoya.



Why did not I intend to watch “Mission Impossible”?

The reason is···

Because I have never seen “Mission Impossible” !

Yes, that’s it. lol

Strictly speaking, I have a memory that went to watch the previous work, but I did not understand the story and fell asleep. . Hmm, that’s a waste.



Mission Impossible Fall out is the sixth work. The first work was released in 1996.

These movies are exactly a synonym for Tom Cruise.



I have gone to sleep this time… lol
I’m sorry.

Without previous knowledge, it is difficult to understand the movie. lol



But !

Although I only watched the beginning and the climax scene, I understood the outline of the movie (people slept in theaters often says so excuse), it is worth watching just the last flashy action scene!

I will talk with you hotly next time