star wars

It is my impression in Hansoro(second part).



Hansolo and Qira miraculously resumed.

Using Qira as a watchdog, they will head to another place to rob the energy fuel “coacusium”.

Han Solo who still loves Qira.
And Qira said, “If you know my past, you will go away.”

Well, it is a different adult atmosphere than the movies I have ever watched !

Hansolo will bet Millennium Falcon at gambling and play card games!

The gambling opponent did a fraud, but the Han Solo who watched it wins. Owner and Millennium Falcon became friends of Hansoro.

 The old man”How about my Falcon ?”    HanSolo”It’s a big Falcon”.


I thought that this person would also die in the movie, but it was a person (Land Calisian) who also appeared in episodes 5 and 6 …

Even though I have watched episode 5 and 6, this is an insensible lol


Hansolo will get fuel “coacucium” and return.


Han Solo met the betrayal of thief Beckett and the battle with Boss Dryden will start !

Dryden and Hansoro’s hot battle · · ·

It was Qira who calls Dryden a benefactor of life, but she became a friend of Hansoro!

Qira vs Dryden.

Han Soro vs thief Beckett.

It was Qira who succeeded in defeating Dryden, but it became clear that there was a boss in Dryden.

Dryden and Qira’s boss … he is Darth Mall ! ! !


Is “Hansoro” a story before Episode 1? · · I thought , and I examined it .
Darth Maul were alive!

Qira lied that thieves Becket had killed Dryden and she went to Darth Maul.

Hand Solo and Chewbacca sets off for new adventure after killing thieves Beckett.



I expected that there was a restoration with Qira in the last, the movie ended with Han Solo and Qira having parted.

I thought they would not become a couple, but I was quite surprised that the tragic love was drawn differently from StarWars.

I definitely want Disney to make a sequel! !