star wars

I have been watching Han Solo!
I am Hima-tsubushi-tei (Blog’s name is “Ride on movie”) .

The previous reputation was bad but it was a really good movie! !
It was a movie more like an adult than the original Star Wars series.

The main part starts from the appearance scene of the main character Han and lover Qira.

The two will try to escape the planet under the rule of the Imperial Army, but …

Han succeeds in escaping, but a shocking development that Qira fails has come up!

The story of the past like Han Solo and Episode 3 is uneasy as to whether a character which does not appear in the main part will die or …


←Qira(Failure to escape)          Han(Successfully escape)→


Han leaving the planet once swearing to regain Qira.

Han, who needs to earn money to save Qira, will head to the next planet.

Hansolo met the Immigration officer in that star.

Immigration officer said “Han …Solo (Lonely)”


Immigration officer “Are you lonely???? lol”  Han Solo “I am Han”



Hansolo’s godmother was an immigration officer!

Because it was lonely, it’s a Han “Solo” … It’s quite a shock…lol

The Japanese title is “Han Solo”, but is there a reason for being a foreign film “Solo”?



Han Solo joined the Imperial Army, but extorted the senior officials.

The superior officer plans to fight the monster and help those who won.

A monster … its true character is Chewbacca! !

Battle with Chewbacca who was confined! !

Two people (one and one?) Will start battle by betting each other’s escape rights.


Both of HanSolo and Chewbacca succeeded in escape by Hansoro’s tact.

Hansolo and Chewbacca who teamed safely and decided to work in combination.

The thieves Becket who was watching two people ask Han Solo to join a group. And Hansolo, who needs to earn money, will accept this.

Hansolo, we are going to rob the energy fuel “Cocuacium” !

But it fails …

Becket heads to the hide to make excuses to his boss’s Dryden …

The boss who greeted him.
And · · · ex-lover’s Qira appeared!