I wanna Watch_Han Solo

star wars

Han Solo was released in Japan on June 29.


It has already passed half a month. . .
I have to go see it early. .


Personally I like episodes 2 and 3.

To say super-personally,

·Amazing! ⇒ 2, 3

· Gooood ⇒ 1, 6

· Sounds good ⇒ 4, 5

· Sometimes it is good ⇒ 8

· Oh.. ⇒ 7

(flash point).


When I went to listen to Mr. Natsuko Toda (a famous translator) lecture a few years ago, I heard the following story.

Mrs. Toda said, “The thing that George Lucas really wanted to make was episodes 1 to 3. But when Lucas became the director, photography technology had not kept pace with what he wanted to take, so episodes 4 to 6 I took it first. “

After all, the Star Wars sword fight scene is the best!

But, I still remember the applause before the screening of Episode 7(Worldwide first show times).

I took a rest from the company and went to see it …lol

It seems to be a story between episodes 3 and 4, what kind of expansion will it be?Talk back, Han Solo.

Although I am glad if it follows the flow of the most favorite episode 3. .



(Image of Episode 3)


I should go see the same day with Jurassic World

Everyone who watched the movie, how was it?