Pokémon the Movie: Everyone’s Story(3/3)



It was the young lady who stole the torch!
It is to protect Zeraora · ·
Largo does a variety of bad things to protect Zeraola from human hands … lol
The criminal record of Largo is here.

· She hit a boy who sells lemonade. The lemon of the material rolled on the ground.
· She entered the mountain-free mountain and injured Zeraola.
· She trespassed the laboratory.
· She broke the laboratory flask.
· She stuffed stones in the railroad.
· She dispersed detergent in the town.
· She let the citizen clean up.
· She stole the torch. Lugia became lost.

Well, I can not defend her …lol



In the city where blackouts occurred due to the loss of energy and the poison gas spread out, Satoshi did their best !


Trito, who could not speak in public, made a speech to make antidotes and unite everyone. Kegachi(He is always lying) and Jade(She has Bulu dead trauma) moved the windmill to spray the antidote. The windmill’s wind protected the city from poison gas!

And Lisa who had a trauma in running runs as hard as possible to return the torch to its original place. Lisa summoned the guardian Lugia, Lugia regained energy to the city!

People help Pokemon, Pokemon helps people.
It was a good movie depicting such consideration to each other!

(I could not write the charm of the movie on this blog … lol)



Punch line.

The purpose of Lisa ‘s younger brother’ s going to Lisa to Fura city was not to have Eevee be captured. His true purpose was the local video sent from Lisa.

I thought he was a good brother, but he was built a video camera in Lisa’s sunglasses … lol

Based on the video, I did not even imagine her younger brother was playing YOUTUBER …
Let me buy that sunglasses with the price presented by Lisa.

The movie is over at the place where it fell well.

But Lugia did not take 3 minutes! !
I wish I bought advance tickets and got Lugia!

Also, I thought that girls in mob were cute! The commitment of the director was seen also in the character design of the girl whose turn number is only a little.

Please forgive my lack of drawing ability… lol