Pokémon the Movie: Everyone’s Story(2/3)


Impression (1/3)

Satoshi destroyed three people who did not do bad things!


Even movie pixels (movies that Pac Man appears) ,a lemonade selling girl’s money was stolen. Lemonade selling girl often meets the damage · · ·

What is ”lemonade stand” …? w
* Please tell me what you know .

When searching for images, a lot of images of American boys and girls appear lol

Is it a way to earn popular pocket money?


Pikachu “There is no lemonade… Pika”


“Pokemon get competition” in Fura city that was waiting for Satoshi !

Satoshi and Kagachi participate in the tournament.

Tritto lend a hitodeman to Kagachi with no Pokemon. It is  Jade which becomes popular to Pokemon because of the medicine made by Trito.

Lisa who is deceived by the shrunk that Eevee is a phantom Pokemon.

Main characters will interact with each other.


In “everyone’s story”, two mythical Pokemon appears.

One is Lugia.
Lugia is an indispensable existence for the fulcity that uses wind as an energy source.
At the end of the festival, Lugia, responsible for the wind, appears under the “torch” decorated in the city.

The other one is Zeraola.
People did not help Pokemon in the forest when Fura city Forest became a fire 50 years ago. Zeraola continued to help Pokemon in the forest without giving up even if Zeraora became himself.



In a mountain fires reminiscence scene, I thought that “Charmander” and “Cyndaquil” that brought together the bodies are cute! !
The picture looks like these two have caused a fire, but lol
During this fire, Jade lost partner “Bulu”.


Kagachi won the Pokemon Get Tournament!
Though it seems that festival in Fura city will overheat · · · “the torch” will be stolen by someone.

And there was a catastrophe in which the rocket group spreads the poison gas of the byproduct of Trito‘s research!

Why did he make poison gas lol

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