Hijikata hit a tip on the neck due to Ito’s sniper. With the influence of the tip embedded in the neck, he got a second personality (otaku).

When the second personality is appearing, he asserts “Tossy”.



Tossy abandons the activities of Shinsengumi and is keen on geek activities.

It was the otaku shimpachi that confronted Tossie! lol

Shimpachi is not brainwashed, but confrontes with Tossy in a TV show with a discussion.

The content of the debate is about what otaku should be.

· Otaku who loves real idols (Including shimpachi)
· Otaku who loves two dimensions (Including Tossy)



The content of the discussion is silly, it becomes a melee fight. Hundreds of extras participate and it is a powerful scene …lol

I wonder “Why are director so stuck with this scene?”



Hijikata who continues to act on otaku gradually lost trust within the Shinsen-gumi .

At the same time Ito aims at the seat of the Kyoku-cho(Top of Shinsen-gumi), and he was active behind the scenes

He took Okita (Shinsen-gumi No.3 member) into the party and improve his own position.



And at the timing Hijikata himself left the Shinsen-gumi, Ito declared that “the true selection will be reborn with my hands” and
he betrayed Kondo!

Kondo being attacked by Ito’s team.

*Picture what Mr.Kondo(Shinsen-gumi captain) is attacked


Ito talks by comparing himself as “black” and Kondo as “white banner”.
But Kondo laughed and answered Ito.
Kondo “They (Shinsen-gumi members) have neither an academic nor an ideal.You can not understand what they think about.You can not paint them in any color and they do not stain in any color “


Okita appeared. Okita was aimed at Hijikata daily, thought to be a friend of Ito, but in reality it was not so.

To Okita, Kondo was the only person to really respect.
Okita “Move there, next to Kondo is my seat!”

Okita tells Ito and pulls out the sword.
After that, Okita killed the enemies by only himself.


At the same time Hijikata scolds another person’s personality (Tossy) and returns to the original self.


Hijikata “I am … Shinsen-gumi fuku-cho(vice chief) … Hijikata Jushiroooo !!!”


While ito fighting Hijikata, he realized that he already had what he really wanted (bond).

The thread of ‘bonds’ leading from Shinsen-gumi squads to Ito from each one. What he saw by dying is a myriad of yarns (bonds) that shine brightly.



After Shinsen-gumi avoided the crisis of civil war, the Edo city(Old name of Tokyo) was calming down.

However, Gin-san(Leading role) said that as ever …

He quarreled because he does not pay the rent with the landlord.



Happily ever after.



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