Kamen Rider Build (Be the One)


Hello , everyone.

I’m Hima-tsubushi-tei (Blog’s name is “Ride on movie “) .


I watched Kamen rider Build movie.

I write my impression.

Here is the impression of the sentai movie.



First of all, the card of entrance privilege is here.

I got … · · · “beard“! Lol

Just like the sentai card, it is plastic and gorgeous! !

Dangerous contents such as “War Initiation” or “Elimination” are written lol



Information on the back of the head which is the characteristic of the kamen rider rogue is not written in the card … lol



* Reference:Kamen rider Rogue’s occipital region


There was another piece of paper in the privilege bag.

Next work “Kamen Rider JIOU” and announcement of “Kamen Rider Heisei generation forever(movie)” are announced!


A figure of 20 people on the reverse side. Twenty people lined up and it is awesome!

Even though there are twenty people, each kamen rider has its own personality and there is nothing the same thing is amazing!

Well, for those who are not interested they will look the same, though.



Main part.

By the hands of the extraterrestrial life body, Japan was divided into “East capital”, “West capital” and “North capital”. The three capitals were dominated by different aliens.




East capital






West capital






South capital




Three people recommend a plan to destroy the Earth, and as a result they carried out “Masked Rider build annihilation plan”.

The main character Kamen Rider Build: Kiryu’s homie, Kamen Rider Close: Banjo falled into the hands of enemies, but at the end Kiryu’s thought reaches Banjo. Lastly, Build beat enemies with Rider close.



This movie was not a positive work, it was a dark style that ordinary citizen also hostilely masked Kamen Rider.

The movie ends as many civilians enemies kamen rider. Only the boy who was helped by the protagonist at the beginning of the movie respected Kamen Rider as a positive existence. Movie ending was not for children.


My favorite scene is two.


Scene where the hero’s homie (Banjou) also entered the hero transformation area.


Banjou   ”(Banjou is in the transformation area of the other person)I’m getting in!”
Belt Sound  ” Are you ready ?”
Banjou   ” Noooooooo!!”



Saruwatari and the Himuro got robbed of the transformation belt. There, Utsumi who appeared by recapturing the belt …

Utsumi         ” (hile showing the belt) If you want it returned, you should be an attitude to ask “
Saruwatari “I can not apologize sincerely・・”
Himuro       (kneel down on the ground and apologize)
Saruwatari  “Beard!!!!”


The scene above was interesting lol



Also, the scene where hundreds of extras appeared was very impactful! ! ! However, I noticed that “extra people” was obviously geek  lol

The rest is that the scene where the heroine was brainwashed by the enemy was good.



Kamen Rider Build is also the final round soon, what kind of endings are waiting?

I expect it! !

I hope it will be a happy ending.