future PowerRanger??(PhantomThief/Police)


Hello , everyone.

I’m Hima-tsubushi-tei(Blog’s name is “Ride on movie”).


I went to watch “Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patoranger”.

・Kaitou・・・Phantom Thief
・Sentai ・・・Squadron(power ranger)
・Keisatsu ・・・Police

I went on weekdays, but it was a great success due to summer vacation!


The card which I got in the admission privilege is a ”red” combination card!

Personally, I like PatrangerNo.1(Red), so I like that card.

It is made of plastic and it is quite good quality card.



I found that by searching, there was a combination card of Patranger No. 3 / Lupine Yellow.

I wanted that kind of card lol


Well, for the first time in this year ‘s squadron two squadron names entered the program title.

”Kaito Sentai Lupine Ranger” , ”Keisatsu sentai Patranger”, “enemy”・・・ three enemy organizations collide with each other. There is a depth in the story because it is not a direct confrontation of the enemy organization until now but a relationship of three.



The story of the movie starts from the detective Herlock Sholmès visits Japan.
He came to annihilate the phantom organization.

A monster appears and attacks Herlock . By that monster, the red of the keisatsu sentai and Kaito sentai are skipped to different dimensions. However, the identity of Herlock was a monster.

It was a story that police sentai and kaito sentai hand in hand and fight against the enemy!



The noteworthy point of the movie is below.


· Mr. Tanaka (Japanese comedian)

· Collaboration of hostile sentai

· Camera work

· Female main two (cute)

· New Robot

· Kaitou sentai Lupine ranger’s new form

· Miss.Taketatsu’s acting(K-On Azuyan voice actor) (very erotic voice)

· Lupine Collection that I left in the enemy camp (future hints?)


The film was a story centered on Lupine Red and Patlen no.1.

Although Kaitou sentai has powered up this movie, I am glad that there will be power up of the keisatsu sentai side in future.
So, goodbye.



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